Catherine is a Pioneer Minister with Lichfield Diocese, Church of England, based in Stoke on Trent. Although a gifted primary school educator herself, Catherine’s mother consistently advised Catherine never to become a teacher! Unusually, Catherine complied, taking up an eclectic career after studying psychology at university. A variety of skills and experiences were gathered within the recruitment industry, counselling, community development with disabled and Deaf people and Chief Executive with a charitable organisation in Devon, before leaving the UK to serve with several Christian ministries overseas.

Over six years later, a deep and searching spiritual discernment process and a Masters in Theology, led Catherine to accept the invitation to ordination in the Church of England, training at Queens Foundation, Birmingham. Never feeling called to parish ministry, miraculously Catherine was offered a pioneer curacy in a large Birmingham outer estate, Druids Heath. This environment enabled her passion for asset-based community development to flourish in relationship with those considered most marginalised in society.

At the end of curacy, Catherine took up her current role in September 2021, Championing Pioneer Ministry across Lichfield Diocese and facilitating alternative expressions of Christianity outside traditional church settings in Stoke on Trent. After fifty years’ circumventing the teaching profession, at last Catherine has the opportunity to witness the richness of human and spiritual potential present in schools, in both students and staff. Recognising the challenges of deprivation and division in our City, Catherine’s hope is to encourage peacebuilding and community development within the communities of Stoke on Trent, our children and young people leading the way.

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