Governance Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests

  Disclosure of a Pecuniary interest Disclosure of other interest
Full Name Role/s Committee Date of appointment Date of leaving Appointed by Person / Organisation Organisation Type Name Nature
Andrew Smith Member
All 12/10/18   Members None        
Sally Smith Member
n/a 12/10/18   Members None        
Chris Tarr Member n/a     Members None     Jonathon May Friend
Philip Kidman Member n/a     Members          
Louise Riley Member n/a     Members          
Christine Bray Trustee Quality of Teaching & Learning 02/11/18   Members None        
Ann Stone Trustee Quality of Teaching & Learning 12/10/18   Members Self St Marks CE Primary School Part time employee    
Sue Thomas Trustee All 12/10/18   Members Self Various schools Consultant    
Matthew Johnson Trustee n/a 12/10/18 25/03/19 Members          
David Wells Trustee Audit & Resources 12/10/18   Members Self Ayudante Owner    
Debbie Campbell Trustee Quality of Teaching & Learning 02/11/18   Members Self Shaw Academy Trust Employee Self Ofsted inspector
Lorna Maden Trustee Audit & Resources 20/12/18   Members None        
Rob Johnstone Trustee,
Accounting Officer (AO)
All 05/11/18   Members Self Esprit Academy

Werrington Primary

Potteries Education


Michelle Johnstone
Andrew Johnstone
Marg Tatton Trustee Quality of Teaching & Learning 02/11/18   Members Self New Guild Trust Governor    
Gini Cotton Trustee   12/10/18   Members Self Stoke on Trent City Council Employee    
Nick Carter Associate Trustee       Members None     Ms E Hinninger Relative
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