Governance Structure

The Orchard Community Trust Governance Structure is as follows:


The Orchard Community Trust is a Multi Academy Trust based in the City of Stoke on Trent. It currently consists of 7 schools, 5 Primary Schools and 2 Special Schools. We also have an additional associate Special School as part of our current group of schools.

The Trust Governance structure consists of 5 members and 12 Trustees. The members and Trustees are a wide range of people from a range of backgrounds, who both support and challenge the Trust effectively and who bring a diverse set of skills and experience that will help us to be successful as a MAT. They support and challenge our development well. The Senior Executive Leader of the Trust is also a Trustee and is accountable to the Trust Board.

The Trust Board meets 6 times per year, as do each of the following Trust Board sub-committees – Curriculum, Quality and Standards and Audit and Resources. The Spiritual, Moral and Social Development and Christian Distinctiveness Committee meets 3 times per year and the Performance and Review Committee meet twice a year, or more often as necessary

Link Trustees have also been established for each MAT schools to ensure clear communication between the Trust Board and the schools. They visit their schools 6 times year with a focused agenda for each visit. They will also attend Local Governing Board meetings in their link schools.

Each school retains its own local Governing Board in order for the identity of each school to be retained and for Governors with local knowledge to support and challenge each school. Governing Boards have delegated responsibilities for each school which are laid out in our agreed scheme of delegation, which is also published on the MAT website.

An outline of our Trust structure and details of our Members, Trustees and a list of members of each local Governing Board is available on the MAT website.

Our Headteachers also form an Executive Headteachers Board as part of the Trust’s Governance structure. The Headteachers meet regularly to discuss the schools, the MAT, policies and practice and our development plans. They also regularly share good practice form each school and beyond. This is then fed into the Trust Board via its meeting structure and via the Trust Board’s sub committees.

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