Course: MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy

What attracted you to the placement opportunity: 

As a former teacher in Malaysia, I set out to train as a counsellor to work with children and young people (CYP). This placement offered me the opportunity to not only improve my counselling skills with CYP but also work within a multi-agency setting to see how different members of a community could work together to support the children’s well-being.

What difference you feel you are making to children/ families: 

I’ve been able to provide a safe place for the children to explore their feelings in a confidential setting that they might not have elsewhere in their lives. I’ve enjoyed immensely the trusting relationships I’ve built with them and watching them grow to be more confident and open.

What you like about the placement: 

I feel supported in my placement, being able to refer to members of staff whenever I have doubts or concerns. At the same time, I’m afforded a lot of independence and agency in my work which makes me feel trusted. I also like that I get to learn more about working within a collaborative community setting and it’s something I want to be able to bring to the communities I work with in Malaysia when I return home.

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