Philip retired in August 2017 after working in a variety of special schools which, collectively, covered the range of needs as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice.

He was a head teacher for 20 years of two very different special schools. The first one was a small school specialising in sensory and physical needs. He then became head of a large 3-18 special school (250 pupils) for communication and interaction difficulties and cognition and learning needs. Both schools are held in high regard and this is reflected in the Good and Outstanding Grades gained at the schools through the Ofsted Inspection Process.

Philip has had a commitment throughout his leadership of working with other schools, both mainstream and special. This is reflected in his role of Chair for the Stoke Association of Secondary, College and Academy Leaders (SASCAL), a position he held for five years. Over this period SASCAL grew in outlook and influence, supplying quality training for school leaders, and developing effective school to school clusters which both supported and challenged schools. SASCAL members also had an agreed protocol for data sharing, so that SASCAL could review its impact upon school development.

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