The importance of your project is to help social work students develop their early understanding of relationship-based practice and apply the academic work they learn in university to the real-world issues and solutions they find in schools.  

Your project helps these SW students understand the importance of better outcomes for children in education and by what pathways of support children can meet their potential. This is evidenced from working with day-to-day school pupil issues from general anxiety to being a child who is cared for differently e.g., kinship or foster care to improve student self-care and resilience to learn.

Students are an important part of a community of practice on placement with group and learning with other agencies this enriches inter professional learning and understanding of jointly owned issues such as safeguarding.

Practice education in this first placement in your project aims to be strengths based while setting the right standard; this allows learning through feedback and increases confidence.

University Senior Lecturer in Social Work
CPD Lead, Social Work and Wellbeing

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