Dear Parents/ Carers,

I hope you are all safe and well. As this extraordinary school year ends in our 7 schools, then we must all start to look towards and plan for the start of the next one in September 2020, when we hope we can start to return to a much more normal way of life. Over the last few months since lockdown, all of us have had to change how we do things and the way we live and operate. For our schools this has meant keeping up to date with government guidance and making it work in the best way it can for all of our pupils, families and staff. From September the 1st 2020, the latest guidance informs us that all schools are to re-open fully, and that all staff and pupils should attend as usual from the start of term

However, of course we understand that here may well be a very small minority of pupils for whom a return to normality may take some time. If you are concerned that your situation will not allow for your child to return to school we would like to talk to you so we might understand your circumstances and work with you to address your needs. Please email/contact your child’s school for a discussion about this.

Most families have had regular calls/contact from school, pupils who receive free school meals have received vouchers/weekly hampers, some have completed work over the internet and some pupils have had work delivered. Many thanks to the staff in our schools for their hard work in making this possible.

At Easter the free school meal voucher system had problems and some families found it hard to redeem their vouchers. It was for this reason that some of our schools introduced or continued to deliver/distribute food hampers to families throughout this term. Over the Summer holiday, vouchers have been/will be issued once again to families receiving free school meals. We understand that the problems some of you had at Easter with the vouchers have now been sorted and that the vouchers system has now become more reliable since then.


For our 2 Special Schools in particular the council are working hard to make any changes to transport that might be needed to keep our children safe and this may mean changes from what you had been used to before. They aim to contact families who use transport in good time for the start of term.

Start of Term-September 2020:

Please see information on each school website/in letters and information sent to all parents for details of the start of term and the arrangements for and timings of pupils coming into our schools

Safety measures in schools:

All of our 7 schools will continue to implement extra measures, especially around cleaning through the school day should make our school as safe as possible and minimise any risk of cross contamination. We also ask that people try to manage their home lives in a similar way following the government guidance at the time on staying safe, and making it less likely that anyone brings the infection into school. Please ensure that good hygiene is promoted with your children and that hand washing is be reinforced as a regular habit.

Please see information on each school website, in letters to parents form each school and on social media regarding the detailed plans for each school and the measures each school will have in place form September the 1st 2020 in order to keep pupils, staff and parents as safe as possible.

Hopefully these measures will only be in place for a short time and the school will remain fully open for all pupils from now on. If your child shows any signs of illness such as minor colds for example, we will be asking you to keep them at home. If they are exhibiting a cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell, you will be asked to keep them at home and be tested for Covid-19 following the government guidelines of the time.

I hope that you do feel confident and secure enough to send your child back to school our school in September 2020 and the Trust sincerely appreciates your patience, understanding, support  and co-operation so far with our schools and again with us as we all work to keep everyone at school safe in these different times.

Have a safe and happy Summer Break.

Mr Rob Johnstone
Senior Executive Leader
Orchard Community Trust (MAT)

Dated: July 17, 2020

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COVID-19 Trust Update to all Parents and Carers July 17, 2020

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